We conduct transport operations in compliance with the international CMR convention.

CMR Convention (CMR)
The CMR convention is a convention adopted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in 1956. It treats carriage tariff regulations for international road transport operations. Estonia joined the convention after regaining independence. The objective of the convention is to determine the rights and responsibilities of the consignor, consignee and the carrier. At organizing international road transport within Europe there are no alternatives to the CMR.

All our transport operations are covered with the Carrier’s liability insurance (CMR Insurance) which is a limited liability insurance. Most important limitations are:

  • At the damaging or destruction of goods 8, 33 SDR for each damaged or missing kg (if the invoice denotes a lower price, then according to it).
  • Limited liability does not cover all risks, for instance robbery.

We recommend our customers to conclude a supplementary voluntary insurance contract – Transit Insurance – which usually covers 100% of the price of goods to be compensated for.

Transit insurance covers more risks than the carrier’s liability insurance.
If there is no voluntary transit insurance, the carrier’s liability insurance is applied, which is an insurance with limited liability